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Making the commitment to learning an instrument can be difficult, especially if it's completely new to you! So try it out and see what you think! I offer a free trial lesson for each new student




There is so much more to piano than just learning the notes. Of course, that's a good start! The difference between playing a piece of music and playing it well comes from a strong understanding of the instrument and how it works, a developed technique that allows you to draw the desired sound from the instrument, and from an understanding of the music, both technically and emotionally.

My goal is to help students achieve all of the above. I strive to develop both strong pianists, and strong musicians. With that in mind, I make sure to include a focus on technique, music theory, harmony, formal analysis, ear training, and sight reading, in each lesson.

Music is, in essence, a language. And like any language it follows a set of rules. I truly believe that in order to fully understand any instrument it is extremely important to have a comprehension of the rules and mechanics of music. I routinely incorporate music theory into my piano and voice lessons, however, I offer additional theory classes for students who wish to further their knowledge of the subject. 


The voice is amazing because it is a completely organic instrument! How incredible to have something inside of us that can be so unique and so beautiful. I work to help beginner students understand how to properly use and control their voice. During my lessons I focus on proper posture, sight singing, ear training, harmony, pitch, music theory, and technique. In addition I work with students on performance skills. As an instrument you have on you at all times, who knows when you'll be called on to entertain!